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Indicators of Poor Liver health

Among all dietary, environmental and emotional harm are almost impossible in today’s lifestyle. Because of limited nerves around the liver, our body typically does not present any visible symptoms until the liver is severely degraded. This is why liver is known as the “silent organ”. When your body finally responds to your failing liver, the liver may already be critically damaged. Therefore regular liver cleansing is essential and should not be overlooked.

Skin Pigmentations

Sleeping Disorders

Memory Decline

Mood Swing

Bad Breath

Hair Loss

High Uric Acid

Kidney Disease

Gallstone Disease

HD-1 Ingredient

Made from the prized Hovenia Dulcis Berry, Hoganbo HD-1 is one of Korea’s best-loved liver supplements, containing at least 80% pure Hovenia Dulcis berry extract to protect and strengthen the liver.

HD-1 Benefits


Reduces liver index (eg: ALT, AST) and accelerates the recovery of damaged liver cells, thus improving liver functions.

Alcohol Detox

Reduces the harmful effects of alcohol and minimized hangover symptoms.


Protect cells from damage caused by free radicals due to UV rays, atmospheric pollution, stress and poor nutrition.


Improve blood glucose uptake by increasing density of 𝛃-cells in pancreatic islets.

Customer Reviews

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